Iran announces plan to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss hajj

Iran's state news agency says an Iranian delegation plans to visit Saudi Arabia for talks on this year's upcoming hajj pilgrimage.

IRNA quotes Saeed Ohadi, head of Iran's hajj organization, as saying the Iranians seek to discuss various issues, including "paying compensations to the families of those Iranian pilgrims killed" in last year's stampede at the hajj.

Ohadi didn't provide further details.

The kingdom severed ties with Tehran after its diplomatic missions were attacked and ransacked in Iran after the Saudis executed a top Shiite cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on terror charges.

This would be a significant bilateral Iran-Saudi meeting since relations soured and Saudi Arabia severed ties.

Iran says at least 464 Iranian pilgrims were killed in the stampede last September and blames Saudi "incompetence" for the deaths.