IRA suspect going on trial in Germany for barracks attack

A German court says a 48-year-old from Belfast will go on trial in two weeks on allegations he took part in an Irish Republican Army attack on a British barracks in Germany more than 20 years ago.

Ireland extradited James Anthony Oliver Corry, a British citizen, in December to face attempted murder charges.

The dpa news agency reported Wednesday the Osnabrueck state court said he would go on trial July 26.

Prosecutors allege Corry was in an IRA unit that fired three mortar shells onto the grounds of the Quebec Barracks in Osnabrueck on June 28, 1996. Only one of the shells detonated on the property, damaging buildings and vehicles but injuring nobody.

The Provisional IRA killed nearly 1,800 people from 1970 to July 2005, when it formally renounced violence.