Investigators, Police Report Reveal Twists in Mystery of Missing American Woman in Aruba

Investigators in the case of a missing American woman in Aruba said the suspect told them hours after the woman disappeared that “she’s probably dead now.”

Gary Giordano, a 50-year-old businessman from Gaithersburg, Md., traveled to Aruba with Robyn Gardner arriving on July 31, and reported her missing two days later, saying she disappeared while they were snorkeling.

He assisted the search but was later detained at the airport as he tried to leave the country because of questions about his account of what happened.

In a police report, witnesses said they spotted Giordano with a cut on his throat and with blood spilled on the beach.

One witness said Giordano’s sneakers were wet, but not his shorts, ABC News reports.

“In my opinion, the man was covered in sweat," she said in the report.

A second witness said Giordano looked to have a scratch on his throat, possibly from a fingernail.

A third witness said he heard Giordano say “No...that's my girlfriend, I wouldn't kill her.”

Giordano’s father has defended his son from critics, saying he is "not a monster."

In an interview with NBC's "Today" show that aired Tuesday, Frank Giordano said his son is a "good human being, who is good to his family" and is close with his children.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.