Interpol issues arrest notices for 3 Mexican accused of rape

The Attorney General's Office said Thursday that Interpol has distributed notices calling for the arrest of three Mexican men accused of sexually assaulting a high school senior in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.

The statement said the notices target three of four men who have become known derisively through social media as "Los Porkys." Authorities believe those three have fled the country. It said the request was made in support of Veracruz's state attorney and the "red notices" went out April 6.

The alleged sexual assault occurred in Veracruz in January 2015. The then 17-year-old was standing outside a club with friends waiting for her ride when the men, all wealthy and in their 20s, forced her into a black Mercedes. Two allegedly assaulted her in the car and when they arrived at one of their homes, she allegedly was raped by a third.

After authorities appeared to ignore the case for months, her father took the story to the press along with a video of three of the men appearing to confess. The men have since denied wrongdoing.

Weeks of social media outrage followed by daily reporting in Mexico's national television and print news outlets appeared to finally force the state to act. Her father gave a number of interviews and columnists aimed their fury at the state's leaders.

There is a general disgust among Mexicans toward the impunity enjoyed by the wealthy and powerful.

Prior to this case, many Mexico City residents delighted at videos posted on social media by a crusading city official who confronted and shamed the wealthy and connected as they blatantly violated city ordinances.