International Criminal Court trial of former Congo rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda to start July 7

The International Criminal Court says the trial of former Congo militia leader Bosco Ntaganda will start in July, weighing charges including murder, rape and using child soldiers.

The court set the date Tuesday, a day after rejecting the idea of beginning the case in the Democratic Republic of Congo, saying it could prove too traumatic for victims.

Ntaganda's trial had been set to start June 2, but was postponed as judges considered holding hearings close to the scene of his alleged crimes.

After rejecting the idea, judges set July 7 as the date for opening statements to begin in The Hague.

Ntaganda is charged with involvement in atrocities in the eastern Congolese province of Ituri from 2002-2003. His lawyer has said the case against Ntaganda has "no foundation."