Immigrant on Drugs Shows up to Job Interview Naked and Fights Cops

A man announces he's looking for work, but shows up to his "job interview" wearing nothing but a smile.

The man identified as Joseph Ayala definitely didn't get a job, but got into a wrestling match with police officers.

Authorities believe Ayala was high on meth and attempted to subdue him. Unfortunately, things escalated quickly and trying to capture a naked man is apparently like trying to grab a slippery fish.

Ayala grabbed a female officer's hair, which is when everyone standing around decided to jump in and help the police.

Chris Johnson was near the scene and recorded video of the fight.

"My brother speaks a little Spanish and he said guys saying he's good with his hands and he's looking for work and I said tell him he needs pantalones to get a job."

Ayala is an undocumented immigrant. He was transported to jail and put on an immigration hold.

Police have also contacted everyone involved in the video, suggesting they get a test for H.I.V.

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