High School Girl Tweets 144 Times Before Committing Suicide

Ashley Billasano did not show up for school at Rosenberg’s BF Terry High School Tuesday morning.

Instead, she took to her Twitter page, saying there was so much more she wanted to do.

"It's obvious she needed somebody to talk to and that's what I believe those tweets were," said Chief Craig Brady with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department. "She was trying to communicate and trying to get people to talk to her."

18-Year-Old Girl Tweets 144 Times before Committing Suicide: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

In those 144 tweets posted over the course of 6 hours, Billasano claimed she was molested and forced into prostitution.

She talked about how she dealt with the pain the first time.

"I went to the bathroom and locked the door"

"I took apart a razor. I did what I had to do to forget. I swear after that night I was never the same"

She talked about confiding with a boyfriend and telling her secret.

"I remember telling my closest teacher and CPS and the police detectives,” she said. “I remember having to tell them everything."

"It is my understanding she made an outcry apparently a year ago in Williamson County up close to Austin about some allegations of sexual abuse," Brady said. "My understanding, that was looked into the sheriff's office there, the D.A'S office and a grand jury. There was no indictment issued."

That decision had a profound impact on Billasano. She tweeted:

"Weeks passed, then I got the call. They said sorry but there isn't enough evidence I hung up."

"That's when I changed I didn't care anymore and the people I was meeting gave me no reason to."

More than 500 people were following her Twitter account when she tweeted, "I'd love to hear what you have to say but I wont be around."

And finally her last tweet,

"Take two. I hope I get this right."

Tragically she did. Billasano committed suicide by suffocation.

"We don't want to get into a lot of details, we don't want any copy cats or promote it," Brady said. "There's some indications this may not be the first time she actually attempted this particular method which she learned off the internet."

While grief counselors tend to other students at BF Terry High School, sheriff's deputies will be pouring over the heart-wrenching tweets.

It's not known how many people were following Billasano's final moments and thoughts.

The bigger question: Why didn’t someone seek help for her?

Her tweet postings have been removed. It's not known at whose direction.

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