Greek prosecutor seeks trial for 70 Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn members _ including 18 lawmakers

A prosecutor handling the criminal investigation of Greece's Nazi-inspired, far-right Golden Dawn party wants to have 70 party members — including the party leader and 17 other lawmakers — stand trial on charges ranging from running a criminal organization to weapons offences.

In his 700-page argument, prosecutor Isidoros Doyiakos also recommended Thursday that 15 other initial suspects should be cleared.

A three-member panel of judges is expected to issue their final indictments within weeks.

The crackdown on Golden Dawn — currently Greece's fourth-most popular party — followed the 2013 fatal stabbing of a left-wing musician, over which a Golden Dawn supporter has been charged.

Once marginal, the party enjoyed a huge boost in support during Greece's financial crisis, winning 18 of Parliament's 300 seats in 2012.