German Woman Who Stomped Mice for Sex Video Convicted of Animal Cruelty

DARMSTADT, Germany -- A German woman who filmed herself stamping on mice for a man with an "animal crushing" fetish was convicted of animal cruelty.

The unnamed woman, aged 29, was promised "a considerable amount of money" to stamp on mice while wearing high heels, a court in Darmstadt, western Germany, was told Tuesday.

The woman, along with a 25-year-old alleged female accomplice, also used a car to run over 12 mice, and the pair filmed themselves burning the rodents with lit cigarettes.

As well as torturing and killing the mice, they stamped two lizards and three geckos to death, Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

The video they made was used as evidence in the case.

"Customers who watch films with such content satisfy themselves, according to our information, by watching beautiful women slowly and painfully trample on the animals while wearing socks, high heels or while barefoot," the prosecutor said.

The 29-year-old woman was given a nine-month suspended sentence and told to pay €500 ($674) to an animal protection organization. The whereabouts of her 25-year-old friend were unknown, and she could not be sentenced Tuesday.

Further details about the man who paid the women for the video could not be released, as he is charged in a different case.

The woman's lawyer said that his client took no pleasure from torturing the animals and described the sentence as particularly harsh.

"One has to see that my client did not torture the animals for fun, rather that she needed the money that she had been promised in advance," he said.

Her plans to move to the US to study business were now impossible as she would no longer be allowed in the country, the lawyer added.