German teen's pursuit to join ISIS comes to an end

A 16-year-old German girl’s yearlong adventure to join the ranks of ISIS came to an end when she was captured in Mosul.

Linda Wenzel, from the town of Pulsnitz near Dresden, was among 20 jihadists rounded up last week after the erstwhile capital of their self-declared caliphate fell, the Daily Mail reported.

The fearsome fräulein was found in a tunnel along with members of the terror group’s dreaded all-female police force, some of whom were wearing suicide vests.

Linda began her odyssey a year ago when she posed as her mother, Catherine, and boarded a flight from Frankfurt to Turkey, en route to Syria, after falling in love with a Muslim she had met online.

Among those captured were women from Russia, Turkey, Canada and Chechnya – all of whom were collared during recent military mopping-up operations, the paper reported.

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