Family Fears Runaway Latina Teen is Being Held Captive

The parents of a 13-year-old female from Belmont, Massachusetts fear their daughter is being held against her will somewhere in Boston.

Erika Rivera was last seen on May 25, and although she left on her own accord, a startling phone call cut short has her parents fearing the worst.

Zenaida Roman, the missing girl's mother, told FOX 25 that Erika called home on Sunday night and told her that she was ready to come home, but then the phone line was abruptly disconnected.

Erika's mother believes her daughter ran off with a 16-year-old Boston boy who she met on Facebook and reportedly brags about being in a gang.  She believes her daughter is being held against her will.

Erika was last seen on May 25 when she showed up for school in Belmont, but never made it to any of her classes.

In April, Erika disappeared with the boy for five days, but this instance is different.

On Sunday night, Roman said she phoned their Belmont home and whispered that she wanted to come home.

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Roman and her family are hanging posters in Dorchester, Roxbury, and South Boston.  They have a simple message for their daughter: come home.

Erika's family moved from Boston to Belmont just a few months ago.

The Belmont Police Department is in charge of the investigation and is working with the Boston Police Department.

Officers went to an address on Tuesday night, but Erika wasn't there.

Anyone with information regarding Erika or her whereabouts is asked to contact authorities.


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