The National Weather Service says odds of major flooding along the Red River in Minnesota and North Dakota have increased slightly.

The weather service said Thursday that it believes there's a 22 percent chance the river will surpass the record crest of 40.84 feet set in 2009 in Fargo, N.D., and neighboring Moorehead, Minn. Last month's prediction was 20 percent.

Meteorologist Greg Gust says recent warm weather has decreased the depth of snowpack in many areas, but the water content remains high and the recent thaw will have little impact on the level of flooding.

On the upper Minnesota River in western Minnesota, the chance of major flooding at Montevideo has risen to 90 percent. On the Mississippi, the threat at St. Paul is now 95 to 98 percent.


Steve Karnowski contributed to this story from St. Paul, Minn.