Ex-FBI Agent: Mexico's Violence Our Problem Too

It appeared to be just like any other Sunday morning in the border city of Reynosa, but that quiet calm would soon be shattered by a hail of gunfire that lasted three full hours.

Published reports out of Mexico indicate the shootout was between factions of the Gulf Cartel. The Gulf Cartel is a violent organization, holding Reynosa and many other towns hostage with violence.

Why should you care?

Don Clark is the former director of the FBI office in Houston.

"It's moving across into the rest of the country, so we can't just look at it and say it's just the border, don't worry about it," said Don Clark, former director of the FBI Office in Houston.

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That border violence spillover is already here. Just ask Harris County resident Martin Hogan.

Hogan’s subdivision sits off Hollister and Bourgeoise. It's where Harris County investigators got into a gun battle with members of the Zeta drug gang out of Mexico. An undercover deputy was wounded, a drug informant was killed, and four Mexican gang members were captured.

"We understand we have protection by the power of God, as long as we're living a certain lifestyle,” Hogan said. “With that said, we do live in the real world, people get shot, people die, so we were just on alert, high alert."

That alertness is exactly what Clark advises in a country where the demand and cost for drugs is still high. You can see that high cost in Reynosa, where gun battles last for three hours just miles from your front door.

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