European village gets 'biblical' amounts of rain for more than two straight months

So much rain has drenched a village in Wales that if Noah were there, he’d need two arks, a local official said.

It’s rained in the village of Eglwyswrw every day since late-October, for roughly 80 days straight, Metro reported Tuesday.

“It is grinding people down both physically and psychologically,” the official, John Davies, told Wales Online. He said all the sheep are tough, but they’ve had no chance to dry out.

The rainy stretch is said to be Britain’s longest in 92 years.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been much flooding. The village sits 423 feet above sea level, The Sun reports.

Still, it’s made life miserable and hurt business for farmers and construction workers. And then there’s the umbrella salesman.

“I sell wellington boots and umbrellas but it rains so much here everyone’s already got them,” Brian Llewellyn told Wales Online.

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