Dominican Republic exhumes remains of national hero ousted in 1965 US invasion for DNA test

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The Dominican Republic has dug up the grave of one of the country's national heroes to make sure the remains are really his before he is re-buried in the national cemetery.

There have long been doubts about whether the remains in a private crypt are really those of Col. Francisco Alberto Caamano Deno, who was killed by government troops in 1973.

Family members said Wednesday that they are hoping a DNA test will resolve lingering doubts.

Caamano belonged to a faction seeking to restore President Juan Bosch, who was seen as an ally of communist Cuba and ousted in a U.S.-backed coup. He briefly led the country until a U.S. invasion in April 1965, bringing on a civil war.

Dominicans embraced Bosch and Caamano as heroes after years of dictatorship.