Diaz launches bid to be 1st woman to lead Spain's Socialists

Susana Diaz, the regional president of Andalusia, has launched her bid to become the first woman to lead Spain's Socialist party.

Diaz announced her candidacy for the Socialists' upcoming leadership election on Sunday at a rally in Madrid, where she was flanked by former Prime Ministers Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Diaz, 42, has been the regional president of Andalusia since 2013. The southern region is of the few remaining strongholds for a Socialist party that has been in opposition to the conservative government since 2011.

Diaz will go up against former party leader Pedro Sanchez and Basque politician Patxi Lopez at the party congress in June 17-18.

Founded in 1879, the PSOE has never had a woman as its general secretary.