Cynthia Payne, madam made famous by 1978 brothel raids in south London, dies at 82

Cynthia Payne, the British madam made famous when police raided her home and found elderly men paying for lewd entertainment with lunch vouchers, has died. She was 82.

Payne's story was told in the films, "Wish You Were Here," and "Personal Services." Family friend Kevin Horkin announced her death Monday.

Nicknamed Madame Cyn, Payne had claimed vicars, lawyers and lawmakers among her south London clientele. She wrote that her notoriety stemmed from a 1978 police raid that interrupted a sex party "that was in full swing."

Payne's website said that, for months after, "the media would write of queues of middle-aged and elderly men waiting to exchange their 'luncheon vouchers' for food, drink, friendly chat, striptease shows and a trip upstairs with the girl of their choice."