The United Nations says the civilian death toll from nine months of fighting in Yemen has reached nearly 2,800 after at least 81 people were killed in December.

The U.N. human rights office said Tuesday another 109 civilians were wounded last month. That brings its total count to 2,795 dead and 5,324 wounded since March 26.

Yemen's fighting pits Shiite rebels known as Houthis and troops loyal to the ex-president against southern separatists, local and tribal militias, Sunni Islamic militants and presidential loyalists. A Saudi-led coalition has been waging an air campaign since March against the Houthis.

The U.N. office said it received allegations that coalition forces used cluster bombs in Hajjah province. A U.N. team says it found remnants of 29 cluster submunitions in the village of al-Odair.