Capybaras on the loose from Toronto zoo

Two capybaras escaped from a Toronto zoo on Tuesday, leading to a community-wide search, Global News reports.

Crews spotted one of the canine-sized rodents making a nighttime return to its enclosure but failed to capture it.

Zookeepers at Toronto’s 399-acre High Park Zoo have described the animals, which look like guinea pigs, as “quite shy," The Guardian adds.

Officials have warned people who live in the area not to approach the rogue pair, one male and one female. The zoo plans to launch an investigation once the animals are finally caught.

“We will obviously be reviewing in detail what happened and if protocols or procedures need to be updated as a result of this — if, in fact, that’s what happened,” Parks Department Spokeswoman Megan Price told local media.

Capybara are herbivorous and indigenous to South America and can weigh up to 150 pounds, making them the world’s largest rodents.