Bulldozer takes unexplained detour and crashes into Denver home, destroying it

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DENVER – Luis Ramos told his neighbors he'd keep an eye on their Green Valley Ranch home and call them if there were any problems.

He never imagined having to make a call like this.

"They were shocked, they didn't really know what to say," Ramos said.

A bulldozer, working on a school construction site, crashed into the home Friday, destroying it.

The Denver Fire Department tweeted photos of the bulldozer halfway inside the home at East 47th Avenue and Ventura Street. That's near Green Valley Ranch Boulevard and Tower Road.

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The bulldozer went through a construction fence, crossed a street, crashed through the backyard fence and into the back of the house.

It looks like the bulldozer may have dropped through to a lower floor.

Photos from inside the home show the bulldozer stopped just short of the dining room table.

No one was home at the time of the accident.

Denver Fire investigators say it looks like the driver had some kind of medical problem, although they are not saying what. The driver was treated for minor injuries.

The house has been condemned, according to the fire department.

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