Brazil prison guards catch cat being used to smuggle escape tools

Add cats to the methods that prisoners use to try to smuggle items into their cells.

A black and white feline was captured by officers on New Year’s Eve at the Alagoas Jail in Arapiraca, Brazil, after it was found trying to smuggle items to prisoners inside, Sky News reports.

"An agent saw the cat and went to look at it closely because something about it seemed wrong," said Marcelo Avelino, the head of the prison guards' union.

The cat had a bag tied around its body that contained saw blades and parts for drilling tunnels, as well as a cellphone and a charger.

An officer at the jail said the cat was raised by prisoners and was cared for by relatives that would take it home after visitor hours, Sky News reports.

All 263 inmates are suspects in the case. But they don't expect the cat to admit who was behind the scheme.

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