Bosnia investigates former Croatian officers for war crimes

Bosnian Serb police say they have filed complaints with the state prosecutor against several former members of the Croatian Army, including generals, alleged to have committed war crimes in Bosnia during the 1992-95 war.

Bosnian Serb police spokeswoman Mirna Miljanovic said Friday that the 10 complaints were filed some time ago, though she did not specify when.

But Miljanovic says the state prosecutor has opened investigations of military operations in which the Croatian Army crossed over to Bosnia in 1995.

One of them is Operation Maestral, an offensive in which Croatian soldiers allegedly killed 181 Serb civilians near Mrkonjic Grad.

Croatia's current defense minister, Damir Krsticevic, was one of the operation's commanders. Krsticevic cancelled his participation in a regional meeting in Sarajevo this week, prompting media speculation he feared arrest.