Aviation industry marks 100 years of commercial aviation since first flight across Tampa Bay

The aviation industry is marking 100 years since the first scheduled commercial flight took off, making a 23-minute journey across Florida's Tampa Bay.

A roundtrip ticket on the Jan. 1, 1914, flight from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Tampa, Florida, cost $10. The first passenger bid $400 for the honor of being strapped in next to the pilot.

The International Air Transport Association is marking the 100th anniversary at its annual conference in Doha, the capital of Qatar, showing how far the industry has evolved despite questions over safety and profitability.

Association director Tony Tyler said Monday that the airline industry will carry 3.3 billion passengers and 52 million tons of cargo over 50,000 routes this year.

The group represents 240 airlines carrying 84 percent of all passengers and cargo worldwide.