Attack on Toronto high school thwarted, 17-year-old arrested

Police allege a 17-year-old boy plotted to attack on a Toronto high school that would have coincided with the 27th anniversary of an antifeminist rampage that left 14 women dead at a Canadian university campus.

Toronto police Detective Len Nicholson said Wednesday they received a tip from someone from the U.S. West Coast, where the person saw the threat mentioning the École Polytechnique massacre on a blogging site.

Toronto high school Oakwood Collegiate Institute was the target.

Police seized a machete, a hatchet, two swords, four knives and arrows after conducting a search warrant on a home Tuesday. They allege the plan was to take place later that day at the school.

The 17-year-old boy has been charged with uttering threats of bodily harm and uttering death threats.