As thousands of revelers head for Munich's Oktoberfest, flow of migrants to city slows down

The beer is flowing again at Munich's fabled Oktoberfest.

Mayor Dieter Reiter inserted the tap into the first keg Saturday with two blows of his hammer and the cry of "O'zapft is" — "It's tapped."

Some 6 million visitors are expected to come to Munich for the 182nd Oktoberfest which runs through Oct. 4.

Ten of thousands are traveling to the feast via Munich's main train station, which has also seen floods of refugees arriving in recent weeks.

However, on Saturday only a few dozen migrants had arrived there from Germany's southern border.

Police spokesman Simon Hegewald said, "the situation regarding the migrants' arrival at the train station is calm."

Hegewald added that the city was well prepared should more migrants show up over the weekend.