Arizona Missing Girl Case: Police Seek More Video

Video of potential eyewitnesses walking near the home of an Arizona missing 6-year-old's house the night she disappeared is likely from the wrong night, a Tucson Police Department spokeswoman said Monday.

Tucson police are searching for more surveillance footage from the night Isabel Mercedes Celis went missing from her home.

Sgt. Maria Hawke says the two males and three females in the publicly released footage have identified themselves and told authorities the video wasn't from the night Isabel disappeared.

"We learned that through the interviews from these individuals that we spoke to," LT. Fabian Pacheco, Tucson Police Department, said. "We have cleared that up and we are looking to get the correct video for Friday the 20th."

Investigators are working with the business that provided the video to get footage from the night in question.

Isabel's parents say they last saw her in her bedroom the night of April 20 and discovered she was missing the next morning. Police say a window was open with the screen pushed aside.

The search for Isabel has even reached across the Mexican border. U.S. Marshals are working with Mexican Authorities to search for the little girl checking hotels, bus terminals and other businesses.

A picture of the first grader is also being circulated throughout Mexico.

Authorities tell Fox News that there are about 50 detectives and investigators on the case, and 30 additional officers offering support.

Police say they are not ruling the parents out as suspects, but they are fully cooperating with the investigation.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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