Arab lawmaker says right-wing Israeli activist threw juice at her, called her 'terrorist'

A right-wing activist threw a bottle of juice at a contentious Israeli Arab lawmaker and called her a "terrorist" at a political gathering in central Israel.

Lawmaker Hanin Zoabi, who is running for re-election in the March 17 parliament elections, says the commotion erupted during a Tel Aviv event she attended on Tuesday.

The moment was captured on Israeli TV cameras, with juice pouring down Zoabi's head. Police said her attacker was arrested.

Zoabi is known for her feisty and abrasive style in parliament. She has sided with the Palestinians prompting some Israelis to brand her a traitor and she has had a history of angering mainstream Israelis.

Last month, Israel's Supreme Court overturned a decision by the country's election committee that had disqualified Zoabi from the elections.