Another Al Qaeda Operative Surrenders to Authorities in Yemen

A local Al Qaeda leader in the Yemen district of Arhab surrendered Thursday to security authorities, a spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy told Fox News.

Hezam Mujali was sentenced to death in August 2004 for killing an army officer, but was among 23 detainees who escaped from prison in 2006.

He also was accused of aiding Al Qaeda operatives who bombed the French oil tanker Limburg in 2002, and was charged with attacking a helicopter belonging to the Texas-based Hunt oil company in November 2002. Mujali survived a December 2009 raid on an Al Qaeda hideout in Yemen.

Earlier this month, another Al Qaeda operative, Jomaan Safian, surrendered to authorities in Al-Jawf province. Safian reportedly harbored dozens of foreign Al Qaeda operatives and provided logistical support to the organization.

Yemeni authorities have recently intensified their campaign against Al Qaeda operatives, and dozens of security officers have lost their lives in the process. Yemen says it remains committed to the fight against Al Qaeda and to eradicating extremism, and is working closely with regional and international allies to step up efforts to train and equip Yemeni forces.