"Anonymous" Hacks Colombian President's Facebook, "V for Vendetta"-Style

The hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for cyber-attacks on Colombia's government websites, including an outright compromise of President Juan Manuel Santos' Facebook page Wednesday.

Sporting a mask from "V for Vendetta," the movie about anarchy, hackers posted a one-minute-and-31-seconds video mocking the celebration of the country's Independence Day on July 20th.  The hackers believe the government is keeping Colombians from the rights and freedoms they deserve.

"On July 20, you should not celebrate; you should demand your rights and liberties," the masked hacker said in Spanish.

"I regret the interference of my Facebook account and the messages published by the hackers," Santos wrote in Spanish on his Twitter account and official website.

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's Twitter account was also hacked.

"This is a grave criminal act against our account," Uribe said.

The attacks didn't stop there. On Wednesday night, the hackers published private information about police officers.  According to the newspaper El Tiempo, they attached a message that read, "Thank you for continuing to keep us down and trampling on us."

Anonymous's most recent attack was against the British tabloid The Sun.  NATO is also looking into claims that the hackers have breached its security on Thursday.

Just this week, as reported in an exclusive story by Foxnews.com, the FBI executed search warrants at the New York homes of three suspected members of the notorious hacking group.

The New York raids were apart of a nationwide crackdown on Anonymous that has resulted in 16 arrests so far.

(Colombia video below)

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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