Algerian man suspected of links with jihadi plot in Belgium appears before Greek prosecutor

An Algerian man suspected of jihadi terrorist links in Belgium appeared Tuesday before a Greek prosecutor, who is expected to recommend his extradition to Belgian authorities.

A council of judges is due to rule on whether to accept a Belgian request for the 33-year-old's extradition, in a process expected to take days.

Greek state TV Nerit said the suspect is not contesting his extradition, which would have held up the process.

His appearance before the prosecutor had been delayed for a day as Greek authorities awaited additional documentation from Belgium.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was detained on Saturday in Athens, where he lives.

Belgium launched a large anti-terrorism sweep last week — during which two suspects were killed and one wounded — that netted several returnees from Syria. A Belgian federal magistrate said the suspects were within hours of trying to kill police.