After rival ousts him, Italy's premier holds final cabinet meeting before resigning

Outgoing Premier Enrico Letta was hosting his final cabinet meeting after his party voted him out of office in a stunning power play to put Florence's dynamic young mayor at the helm of the Italian government.

Letta planned to tender his resignation Friday to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who after a few days of consultations is expected to ask the head of Letta's Democratic Party, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi, to try to form a government.

The 39-year-old Renzi rallied his party's executives Thursday to back him in an internal vote of no-confidence against Letta, accusing him of failing to lift Italy out of its economic and political doldrums.

The ouster came as statistics bureau Istat reported Friday that fourth-quarter GDP edged up 0.1 percent, the first positive growth since mid-2011.