A look at North Lanarkshire Council in Scotland

A look at the makeup of North Lanarkshire Council in Scotland, where more residents voted to remain in the European Union than to leave it in Britain's June 23 referendum.

REFERENDUM VOTE: Almost 62 percent of those who voted in North Lanarkshire in Scotland chose to remain in the European Union; some 38 percent voted to leave.

POPULATION: North Lanarkshire had an estimated population of 338,260 in 2015.

AGE OF POPULATION: Some 15 percent of the people in North Lanarkshire were over 65 in 2015 and 21 percent were under 18.

EMPLOYMENT: In 2011, the main industries in North Lanarkshire were wholesale, retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles and health and social work.

INCOME: Residents of Lanarkshire had an average of 15,031 pounds ($19,917) per person after taxes and social benefits in 2014 — below the national average of 17,965 pounds ($23,833).

RECENT VOTING PATTERNS: In the last two general elections, residents in the area comprising Motherwell and the neighboring town of Wishaw elected Labour Party candidates.


Sources: The Electoral Commission, Office of National Statistics and National Records of Scotland