5 doctors in Mexico face charges over case of baby who revived in coffin, later died

PACHUCA, Mexico (AP) — Mexican prosecutors have filed homicide charges against one doctor and lesser charges against four others in the case of a newborn baby who revived in her coffin after she was mistakenly declared dead.

Dr. Jenny Gijon, who declared the premature infant girl dead in early August, faces homicide, abuse and misconduct charges, said Jose Rodriguez, the attorney general of Hidalgo state said Sunday.

Rodriguez said the death caused "great indignation and anger."

During the wake, the baby's parents heard a strange noise coming out of her little coffin and when they opened it found the baby crying. The baby was hospitalized, but died three days later of asphyxia.

Another doctor, Dario Davila, who allegedly hired Gijon improperly to take over his shifts at the hospital, faces charges of abuse of authority and misconduct, as does the hospital's former director, his assistant and the head of the obstetrics department.

Doctors in Mexico often receive more money from private practice, but sometimes also keep themselves on the payrolls of state-run hospitals.