3,500 dogs, owners march in Spain against animal cruelty

About 3,500 dogs of all breeds and sizes ran through the streets of Spain's capital with their owners in the fifth edition of the "Perroton," or Dogathon, a yearly event that seeks to raise awareness about animal cruelty and encourage dog adoptions.

U.S. Ambassador James Costos received an honorary award for his country's efforts against animal cruelty.

Costos said he was thankful for the honor. Days before the Dogathon, he tweeted a picture of him and his dog Greco, saying they would run to "highlight the work of the U.S. government against animal cruelty."

Spain has jail penalties for cruelty against domesticated animals, but is divided concerning bullfights and bull runs. Some consider them savage, outdated practices, while others call the spectacles part of Spain's cultural heritage.