17-year-old girl charged with plotting ISIS attack in UK

A 17-year-old British girl who allegedly married an ISIS fighter through Skype was in court Wednesday after police accused her of attempting to assist her Jihadi "husband" in launching a terror attack in the UK.

The teenager, who was not identified to the press, appeared with her lawyer, Vajahat Sharif, who said the girl would plead not guilty to the charges, which also included communicating with an ISIS fighter. The defendant wore a Nike tracksuit and only spoke to confirm her name and age.

The teen allegedly “married” an ISIS soldier -- through Skype -- who was preparing her for a terrorist attack. The two allegedly discussed the type of weapons to be used, and the teen was suspected of “receiving instructions on how to train and use weapons” according to the Metropolitan Police. She was also charged with "reaching out to another [person] to receive assistance in completing [the] plan," according to the Guardian.


The teen was allegedly set to receive “pineapples” – slang for hand grenades – and a firearm for the pending attack. The Westminster Magistrates' Court said she originally planned to travel to Syria in August 2016.

District Judge Tan Ikram ordered the teen appear in court again on Aug. 11 to face the current charges, as well as another terror offense she was previously charged with.