Turkey accused of 'violating' cease-fire; Trump mulls leaving some troops in Syria; Gabbard blasts Clinton

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Kurdish military leader says his fighters still want to work with US, accuses Turkey of 'violating' cease-fire, 'ethnic cleansing' 
The Kurdish military leader who serves as commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin in a telephone interview Sunday from his base inside Syria that Turkey’s military has “violated” the planned cease-fire and was continuing to commit “ethnic cleansing.” Speaking through a translator, Gen. Mazloum Abdi said he was “deeply disappointed” in President Trump over the withdrawal of U.S. troops in northern Syria, and claimed there’s still time for the U.S. to help the Kurds fighting for their lives. Click here for more of our top story.

American military convoy stops near the town of Tel Tamr, north Syria, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

American military convoy stops near the town of Tel Tamr, north Syria, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

Trump considering leaving small number of US troops in Syria: report
President Trump is mulling a plan to keep hundreds of U.S. troops in northeast Syria after most of American forces leave, reports say. The goal of this plan would be to prevent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops or Russian forces from taking control of Syria’s oil fields, which are mainly in Kurdish-held territory in the northeast part of the country. It would also enable the military to retain a foothold in the fight against ISIS militants.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who has opposed Trump's initial decision to withdraw all 1,000 U.S. troops in northeast Syria, presented the idea to the president last week, the Wall Street Journal reported. Graham said in an interview with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" that he remains "optimistic" that "historic solutions" can still be reached on Syria.

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Gabbard reveals theory on why Hillary Clinton, DNC are pummeling her with 'smears'
Speaking directly to the camera in a video message posted on social media on Sunday, 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard suggested that Hillary Clinton recently "smeared" her as a "Russian asset" as payback for Gabbard's defiance of the party establishment in 2016.

"If they can falsely portray me as a traitor, then they can do it to anyone -- and in fact, that's exactly the message they want to get across to you," Gabbard, a Democrat, said in the video. "If you stand up to Hillary and the party power brokers -- if you stand up to the rich and powerful elite and the war machine, they will destroy you and discredit your message. But, here is the truth: They will not intimidate us. They will not silence us." Click here for more.

Romney takes shots at Trump over Syria, race
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, took a series of shots at President Trump in an interview that aired Sunday, claiming that under his leadership, the U.S. was abandoning allied Kurdish fighters in Syria and that some of the president's rhetoric appealed to racism. Romney and Trump have feuded off-and-on over the years, with the president regularly saying that former governor of Massachusetts "choked" in his bid to unseat President Obama in 2012. Click here to read more.

Warren says she'll reveal plan to pay for 'Medicare-for-all' soon, amid middle-class tax hike fears
Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday that in the upcoming weeks she would detail how to pay for her proposal for a government-run "Medicare-for-all" plan. The new 2020 Democratic frontrunner said at a town hall in Indianola, Iowa: "What I see … is that we need to talk about the cost, and I plan over the next few weeks to put out a plan that talks about specifically the cost of 'Medicare-for-all,' and specifically how we pay for it."

Estimates place the 10-year cost of the "Medicare-for-all" plans at $32-34 trillion. Warren came under attack from her 2020 White House rivals at last week's primary debate over her refusal to discuss whether taxes would go up for Americans to pay for her proposal.

Video footage uploaded to Twitter shows tornado ripping through Dallas, Texas. (Photo: Twitter/@weatherdak)

Video footage uploaded to Twitter shows tornado ripping through Dallas, Texas. (Photo: Twitter/@weatherdak)

Tornado rips through Dallas, leaving significant damage and thousands without power
A tornado ripped through Dallas Sunday night, leaving a trail of heavy damage across the area, including collapsed buildings and downed power lines. The damage, estimated to have stretched 17 miles long, left more than 95,000 people without power. No major injuries have yet to be reported, however, first responders were going door to door in some neighborhoods to check on residents, according to The Dallas Morning News. 

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