FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump to visit border; Outrage over Dems' 'manufactured crisis' rhetoric

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Developing now, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019

TRUMP TO THE BORDER: President Trump is scheduled to visit McAllen, Texas, on Thursday as he decides whether to declare a national emergency to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall that’s at the center of the ongoing government shutdown ... The president is expected to be joined by his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Trump's visit to comes after he walked out of a White House meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday afternoon as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again rejected his pitch to fund the border wall.


NIELSEN BLASTS DEMS’ 'MANUFACTURED' RHETORIC: On the eve of her trip to the southern border in Texas with President Trump, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told FOX News' Sean Hannity that it was "offensive" and "disrespectful" for top Democrats to accuse Republicans of exploiting illegal immigration for political gain ... Speaking earlier on Wednesday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez echoed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s language, telling “America’s Newsroom" that "this whole border security crisis … it really, I believe, is a manufactured crisis."

Nielsen, who met with congressional leaders Wednesday in the Situation Room with President Trump and has played a central role in talks to end a partial federal government shutdown, called that rhetoric disgraceful on "Hannity."

JUSTICE RETURNING TO JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: What is in store for the Justice Department with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expected to resign after soon after President Trump's nominee, William Barr, is confirmed as the nation's next attorney general? Badly needed reforms, says FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett in an analysis on ... Jarrett writes: "Under the failed leadership of fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein, the department has been operating more like the Department of Injustice in its handling of the out-of-control and ever-expanding Russia probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and overseen by Rosenstein. And that’s only one example of Rosenstein’s misconduct."

NEW, DEADLY SUSPICION HANGS OVER DEM MEGADONOR: Democratic Party megadonor Ed Buck faces new questions this week as Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives investigate the death of a man at Buck's home - the second in less than two years ... In addition, a third man has come forward and claimed that the well-connected Buck lured him to a sex toy-filled apartment and injected him with crystal methamphetamine during a frightening encounter.

Buck has not been arrested and his attorney says he is cooperating with authorities. Both of the men found dead at his home were black; so is the man who accused him of injecting him with meth.

Buck, 64, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to a slew of liberal causes and candidates over the years, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a who's who of top California politicians. Critics have wondered whether Buck’s wealth and influence caused authorities to slow-walk the investigation into the first death at his home.

BILLIONS ON THE LINE IN BEZOS DIVORCE: Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday that he and his wife MacKenzie are divorcing after 25 years of marriage, and some observers believe the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Bezos could become the world's richest woman ... It isn’t clear whether the Bezoses have a prenuptial agreement or any other contract affecting the financial terms of their divorce. However, without an agreement, MacKenzie Bezos would likely be entitled to an equal share of Bezos’ personal fortune of $137.2 billion, Bloomberg reported.

With approximately $69 billion, MacKenzie Bezos would easily surpass the world’s current richest woman, L’Oreal cosmetics heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, who has an estimated net worth of $45.6 billion.


LIBERAL PARROTS IN THE MEDIA - "If Democratic leaders saying it, reporters are saying it, too. No matter what it is. You often hear conservatives complain that our media are liberal. Well that’s giving them far too much credit. What they really are is obedient — like shih tzus begging for a snack." – Tucker Carlson, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," slamming the mainstream media's coverage of President Trump's Oval Office address on border security. WATCH

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2000: America Online announces it is buying Time Warner for $162 billion. (The merger would prove disastrous and end in December 2009). 
1967: President Lyndon B. Johnson, in his State of the Union address, asks Congress to impose a surcharge on both corporate and individual income taxes to help pay for his "Great Society" programs, as well as the war in Vietnam. 
1776: Thomas Paine anonymously publishes his influential pamphlet, "Common Sense," which argues for American independence from British rule.

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