Drive-by shooting in Kansas City caught by dash cam

Disturbing dash cam video shows a brazen drive-by shooting at a Kansas City intersection involving a dozen shots.

KSHB-TV reports that the incident took place Monday in broad daylight. The police report says that the occupants of the targeted vehicle were a woman and two juveniles, according to the station.

The station aired the video Thursday night. The video shows the gunman firing from the back seat of an SUV that rolled up to the stop light.

The gunman appears to be armed with an assault weapon: firing towards a car. The video shows the targeted car coming to a stop before the shooting starts, apparently after making a left turn at the intersection. About a dozen shots can be heard.

“All of a sudden we hear this pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! And my oldest granddaughter came running and said, ‘What was that?!’” witness Jimmie Eddings told the station.

The gunfire lasted just a few seconds. The SUV then sped off.

The shooting is being investigated by the Kansas City Police Department.