Boston juveniles' broad daylight beating of woman allegedly targeted for race, hairstyle captured on video

Boston police cite group of 'violent' juveniles 'terrorizing' downtown, hurling 'racially motivated insults' at both victims and officers

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A disturbing new video has emerged showing a group of Boston juveniles beating down a 20-year-old woman in broad daylight in an attack the victim told police was prompted by the swath of mostly teens and at least one minor as young as age 12 taking issue with her hairstyle.  

This comes as the Boston Police Department has described "a recent barrage of juvenile incidents" withing District A-1 "involving young teenagers fighting in public, causing disturbances inside businesses, vandalizing storefronts by smashing glass window with blunt objects, aggravated assaults, assaults on police officers, and civil rights violations." 

A police report mentions "a specific group of violent juveniles terrorizing the Downtown Crossing area." 


WCVB obtained video showing the beating that happened Monday in the area of Winter Sweet and Washington Street. Boston police officers were already in the area responding to separate assault and battery near a Macy’s store when a report came in about a huge brawl happening nearby. 

A 911 caller told a dispatcher that a group of between 10 and 15 Black girls were attacking two females. One of the victims, a 20-year-old woman, told officers that the group approached her and began calling her "a white b**** with braids," according to a police report. The victim stated she identified as "Hispanic" and started to walk away from the group when an "unknown female then came up to her, pulled her by the hair and then the group of young females began to punch and kick her." 

"It was crazy," Julie Mendez, manager of the nearby City Smoke Shop, told WCVB. "They were trying to take her bags, so I was trying to grab them, so they wouldn't take her bags. It was just insane."

As officers were placing several of the juveniles under arrest, they were spat at, punched and at least one juvenile pulled an officer’s hair "by ripping it out of a secured bun," according to the police report. One minor allegedly ignored officer commands to go home and instead opened the door of a police cruiser to attempt to free her friends being held in police custody in the back seat.

"What you wanna do?" one of the girls allegedly shouted at an officer, according to the police report obtained by the Boston Herald, as she "raised her hands high toward her face in an aggressive fighting stance while bobbing her hands" up and down "similar to a boxing prizefighter."

This file photo shows a police barricade at a crime scene in Boston. 

This file photo shows a police barricade at a crime scene in Boston.  (iStock)

The police report notes how one officer "deduced that the group of juveniles were instigating a violent confrontation with the officers," a belief based on the minors’ "wildly negative behaviors" aimed at the officers, as well as "the rude and racially motivated insults" being hurled at officers."

The incident comes less than a month after an 81-year-old man was assaulted by a group of four juveniles, described as one Black boy and three Black girls, while he was eating a hamburger at a McDonald’s on Washington St. According to a police report, they smacked him in the head and nailed him while whip cream before later moving on to a nearby bar and grill. 

The group allegedly requested alcohol but were denied service, then began shouting "Black Lives Matter" and hurled racial slurs and spat on patrons. They shattered a door as they were escorted out, the police report said. Just days later, the same group of juveniles allegedly punched a female victim who refused to buy them ice cream. Police said they also again shouted racial slurs in that incident. 

"It’s a disgrace. Where are the parents?" the 81-year-old victim recently told Boston 25. "These kids should be home at that time." 

In another violent incident in the downtown area this week, two women were stabbed around 2:19 a.m. early Wednesday in the Theatre District when a group of about 10 people began fighting while leaving the Tunnel bar located downstairs in the W Boston hotel building. The victims were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries. 


The Herald reported that the double stabbing happened just hours after nearby Chinatown community members held a meeting Tuesday to address safety concerns following a shooting early Sunday morning that left two men critically injured. The suspects, 23-year-old Bunton Ven and 24-year-old Alexio Carmello-Marquez, were apprehended after crashing the car they fled the scene in and were arraigned Wednesday.