No kids allowed: coolest adults-only summer camps

Kids love the summer. Instead of school days, homework and early bedtimes, summer brings longer play dates, ringing ice cream trucks and, of course, summer camps.

But who says kids should have all the fun? Well, they're not.

According to there are more than 800 grownup camps in the U.S.

“Camp operators have experienced increasing demand for dedicated adult camp programs ranging from traditional camps offering an electronics-free experience in a natural environment, to skills-focused camps that allow adults to learn or practice physical, intellectual, or spiritual activities,” Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association (ACA) told

From running away to the circus, to learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse, adult camps can bring out the kid in anyone.

Here are some of the coolest, adult-only camps we found:

Zombie Survival Course, New Jersey

What might sound like a cross between the Hunger Games and I Am Legend is a Zombie Survival camp that teaches you the skills you need to survive an apocalypse. Zombie Survival Course in New Jersey is a fully equipped training camp that offers day and weekend long packages for those who want to learn more than just the average Boy Scout survival tactics.

With a team of NRA-Certified firearm instructors, martial arts instructors and certified personal trainers, this camp will make sure you are ready and prepared to survive at any time. Zombie camp owner, Mark Scelza says the foundation for his camp is “the better prepared you are today, the easier tomorrow will be."

After a weekend long stay campers leave knowing how to use melee weapons, cross bows and firearms as well as how to collect, prepare and store emergency supplies. Scelza and his team of experts will even prepare you on how to acquire transportation by hot wiring a car.

"It's the unique classes that draw people to our camp," Scelza said. "I can almost guarantee you there aren't many camps that will teach you how to hot wire a car," he told

Day: $149, Weekend $425

The Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas

If defending off zombies isn’t exciting enough for you, perhaps jamming out with your favorite rock stars is more up your alley. At The Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, campers get the unique opportunity to play alongside Rock legends like Gene Simmons and Vince Neil. Attendees also get to write and record their very own song in a state-of-the-art professional recording studio and finish with a live performance at The MGM Grand Hotel.

David Fishof, the founder of the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp says registration has been up over the last year.

“Instead of just sitting on the beach, people want to have an exciting experience,” Fishof told “Most of my campers tell me that this has always been a dream on their bucket list. That they were in a band in high school or college, but then family life happened and they were forced to get a real job.”

Staffed with major rock stars and experienced counselors, musicians of all experience levels are welcomed to attend and unleash their hidden rock star potential. Fishof says the legendary rock stars have just as much fun teaching and jamming away with the campers. “In fact, some have said they wished there was something like this when they were younger.”

Packages range from $6,999-$8,999

Coney Island’s Sideshow School, New York

If you’ve dreamed of performing on a different type of stage, perhaps Coney Island USA's Sideshow School is the camp for you. A multi-day sideshow skills workshop that teaches some of the most outrageous sideshow acts around.

"The Professa" Adam Realman works side-by-side with his students to show them how to perform acts like fire eating, snake charming, glass walking and sword swallowing. Realman says his classes are full with all types of students that trek to the famous island by the sea.

“We’ve had business people and lawyers and then we’ve had artists and performers, it’s a true mix,” he told

In a hectic world full of responsibilities, adults can let loose and let their inner freak come out

“The fact that you’re coming to learn this stuff means you’re a freak, you can’t deny it. Once you’re here, you're one of us,” Realman said. “The kid with tattoos all over his face is learning the same thing the doctor who just got off call is, we’re all the same here and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Tuition: $800

To find more varieties of adult camps you can go to the ACA’s Find A Camp search engine at and

“As more adults experience the benefits of an adult camp program, including the opportunity to learn something new, to make new friends, or to relax with family and friends in a natural setting, we expect interest in adult camps to grow. You are never too old for a camp experience.” ACA's Peg Smith told