Flight listings on Airbnb? Lufthansa thinks the idea will really fly

Might we interest you in Airbnb accommodations that may cause leg cramping but come with the rare amenity that is a large flying airplane?

Lufthansa, enamored with the adage “if you can’t beat them join them,” has begun selling flights on Airbnb – the service that is usually confined to more stationary properties.

Now if you ever wanted to stay in a moving rental accommodation that flies to a destination then, well, congratulations. You have done just that every single time you booked a flight.

But now you can do it on Airbnb!

The listing represents what seems to be considerably cheaper flights than what you might pay normally online for a one-way flight during the week of August 25. And this “booking” includes a return flight. (Minimum four-day stay)

So there does seem to be an advantage in booking a flight, we mean a stay, on Lufthansa.

Now the airline did manage to go the playful route with its listing: “Our cabin isn't in the woods, but in the sky! Personal food and beverage service at 910km/h. Multimedia entertainment is included in our Lufthansa Premium Economy Seat from Frankfurt to NYC and WiFi is available. Includes return flight.”

The listing is for one, which also comes with dozens of perfect strangers that will most definitely make the long flight a pleasant one.

As for bathrooms, the listing boasts four.

It doesn’t , however, say that you have to jump up from your seat once the fasten seatbelt light turns off to beat all the “neighbors” to the lavatory. If you lose this physical challenge you are left standing awkwardly in line as you play dodge the drink cart. So this booking comes with exercise too!

As for the bed, this is listed as “couch,” which is the most generous description of an airplane seat ever proffered.

Quartz did place this as an historic, albeit silly, listing: “It’s the first time an airline has listed flights on the room-and-home-rental site, according to Airbnb, though Dutch airline KLM has previously offered a night on a grounded jet at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.”

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We previously covered that suddenly mundane listing back in 2014.

As Quartz also notes, Lufthansa is getting creative to solve what has been a period of financial hardships for the airline.

It may seem like a Hail Mary to many as it essentially dresses up the confines of an ordinary flight as an unusual Airbnb listing, but that’s because it is.

However, being first out of the gate means a great deal of press and online eyeballs pointed in its direction.

Sometimes, those brave heaves into the end zone actually connect. In any case, this is one Airbnb listing that guarantees to have the front yard change the moment you exit the door.