No longer must soon-to-be parents waste time and money buying old fashioned books to pick a name for their child. They need only spend $0.99 at the Apple app store and let their unborn child do the work.

The iTunes store is featuring a new app called Kick to Pick that lets baby pick its own name via those swift, in utero kicks. Parents download and install the app, then place their iPhone on the woman's pregnant stomach and let the list of thousands of names scroll.

When the phone detects a strong enough movement it will stop the scrolling, and voilá a baby name is chosen. Users are able to narrow down their search by gender or by creating a list of favorites.

“The idea for Kick to Pick came from a discussion about baby’s choices and the fact they had no influence over the name they go onto keep for the rest of their lives,” Nathan Parks, creator of the Kick to Pick app, told Time magazine.

Apple has said that they are working on exciting expansions for the Kick to Pick app to improve the name choosing experience for future moms and dads.

In a world where things are becoming faster and easier with technology, perhaps Kick to Pick will help to alleviate the stress associated with picking baby names. Maybe it even heralds the launch of a new line of pre-natal apps.

Or maybe not.