WeMade Entertainment Goes Global, Launching Mobile Games in U.S.

Get ready for a mobile app invasion! WeMade Entertainment, a popular MMORPG developer popular is coming to the U.S. At a recent press conference, the company announced that it would be bringing its titles to both Android and iOS platforms.With a goal of "blurring the line between mobile and PC gaming," WeMade CFO Gene Kim, stated that the company would expand outside the MMORPG genre, delivering casual titles as well as fighting games. In addition, the upcoming software would feature social elements to create a sense of community.

We saw a number of highly polished demo that would appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers. The MMORPG "Project Dragon: The Roar from the Dungeon," displayed full 3D graphics powered by the Unreal Engine. At launch, the game will support a maximum of 5,000 players per server enabling easy party formation and plenty of player versus player battles.

"Pet Island" was also shown. Called a "social game with a twist," the title gives players the ability to raise their own pets a la "Nintendogs," while farming and developing a town similar to "Farmville." Each pet has special abilities that can aid their owner in keeping the town well-maintained and growing.

WeMade also showed off the tentatively-titled "Friend Fight," a fighting game that allows players to dole out a heavy dose of beatdown to friends or random fighters. Inspired by fighting games of old, the game features a multiplayer combat system with skill based attacks.

Mobile gamers searching for their next addiction, should look for WeMade's first titles to debut in the Apple app store sometime in mid-June.