Tech Q&A: Best routers, low airfares, Facebook privacy, dangerous cellphones and more

Cellphone dangers

Q: Every time I hold my phone up to my head, I wonder if it’s giving me cancer.

A: Like many daily activities, using cellphones has prompted some startling, albeit inconclusive, research. The bottom line is that cellphones do emit certain levels of radiation, and there are simple and effective ways to reduce your exposure to it. You want to text instead of call and use the speaker when possible. Click here to learn more about this controversial subject.

Outsmart flight-booking sites

Q: I want to buy airline tickets for the holidays. Is it true that the airline sites track where you go online?

A: Websites do have the ability to track your interests, based on cookies and your IP address. They know where you visited and what you did there. Do the online booking sites’ algorithms use this intel to change airfares? Whether they do or don’t, there are ways to browse ticketing options without anyone knowing who you are, and this technique may help your chances of landing a good price. Click here to learn what you can do to prevent price hikes and get the best deal.

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Get a faster router

Q: I need a new router. Which one should I buy?

A: If you spend a lot of time on the internet and you need a good deal of broadband, be on the lookout for multi-band routers. You might also consider a mesh network, which will expand the coverage inside your home. Pro tip: No matter which router you choose, buy it outright over renting one from an internet provider, because you are certain to save money in the end. Click here for a list of my recommended routers.

Listen to Echo’s audio archive

Q: I have an Amazon Echo. How do I hear everything it has recorded?

A: Many Echo veterans are confused about the device’s habit of recording every command they utter. Is this true? And where are these recordings stored? I’m guessing you already know that Echo does record you and store your commands. You’ll be relieved to know that they are very easy to access, listen to and even delete. Click here to find out how to listen to everything your Amazon Echo has ever heard.

End social media rants

Q: Certain family members are driving me crazy on Facebook with their political and stupid posts. How can I stop seeing the posts without unfriending them?

A: This is a rough time for social media. No matter how easygoing most of your Facebook friends are, you have probably run into an unpleasant meme or didactic post. You can absolutely filter the political rants of close friends and family without them ever knowing what you’ve censored from your wall. The only thing you will ever have to worry about is when that hostile uncle asks you, “Hey, what’d you think of that article I posted?” Click here to find out how to silence political rants on Facebook.

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