Bathing suit season may be coming to an end, but you can still find motivation to work out this season. Any fitness enthusiasts will benefit from these high-tech gadgets, whether into running, cycling, yoga, or just hitting the gym.

Zip-It-Up Headphones
Stop taking time out of your workout to untangle your headphones switch to XSories Zip-It-Up Headphones. The zipper-like cord prevents those frustrating knots and tangles that often occur when you get moving during a fitness routine.

The $29.99 headphones come in a bright orange color and three different earpieces are included to ensure the perfect fit.

Sonic Walk
Safety while working out is a priority. You can stay focused on your fitness and alert to your surroundings while still listening to your music with XSories Sonic Walk. Like a backpack's straps without the backpack, the Sonic Walk is essentially a wearable speaker that connects to your smartphone. So you can still bike and listen to music or share your tunes with a workout buddy.

The lightweight, $99.99 gadget keeps your ears free at all times, and also includes an LED light for nighttime visibility.

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The Sonic Walk has a built in pocket to fit any MP3 player or smartphone and the speakers and control unit are removable for the washing machine.

RumbaTime Go Watch
Wear the RumbaTime Go Watch not only for style, but for safety. Geared towards runners and walkers, the gadget has a stopwatch function, time, date and back light and is water-resistant -- and it's much, much more.

In addition to normal sports-watch functions, the band has an emergency response profile where you can list emergency contacts, blood type, age, gender, medications, allergies, medical conditions and your insurance information. The profile requires a yearly subscription fee, which is $14.95 for one year or $19.95 for two years.

You can also leave your wallet at home thanks to the cashless payment chip. To get started, apply for a pre-paid debit card chip through the VISA PayWave system, then insert it in the slot on the band. All instructions are included with the watch which come in assorted colors and sizes.

EQ Yoga Mat
Your mind and body will appreciate the EQ Yoga Mat, made from non-toxic materials that prevents absorption of sweat, making it easy to clean.

The mat material is called TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam and contains no latex, PVC or rubber, and no toxic materials are used in production.

The $99.99 roll up soft mat provides traction to help yogi’s achieve a grounded feeling in postures without slipping. The design features the seven chakras as well as an EQ patch.

It also comes with either a blue or pink shoulder bag, made of organic cotton and lined with satin to carry you to and from your meditation.

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