Pretty Scale site blasted for brutally rating looks of 10,000 women a month who Google 'Am I ugly?'

Sadly, around 10,000 women take to Google each month to ask “Am I ugly?”

And the top link on the search engine when you ask the question is a “dangerous” site which brutally rates your looks and points out imperfections on the face.

Pretty Scale was launched in 2011 and works by analysing photos to provide a number from one to 100 — ugly to beautiful.

Not only does it give you a cruel label, but it also breaks down your face to reveal exactly how you are falling short of being beautiful, from your nose size to your facial symmetry.

The site was created by a programmer in Pakistan called Aqueel and initially started as a simple site to “prank co-workers.”

It quickly boomed in popularity and now gets 20,000 to 40,000 hits a month, but a body image charity has slammed it as being “dangerous.”

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