Musician shows off new smart watch at CES

These days, Grammy award winning musician is channeling his creative energy into the world of technology with his new i.amPULS smart watch from his brand.

“I don’t want to put a device out just to put a device out,” said.

The smart watch has its own operating system. It has a fully functioning phone and also provides endless features like GPS, social media access, music, videos and more. said he uses the hands-free phone feature most often in the car and at the gym.

“I shouldn’t be like hold on, wait a second,” said. “I shouldn’t be jump roping like this,” the musician joked as he demonstrated someone trying to balance a phone on their shoulder.

The team designed the black, cuff-style device to be pleasing to the eye and stand out from its competitors.

“We’re not trying to mimic a watch,” said. “We’re trying to create a fashion device no different as far as the aesthetic than a Chanel cuff or a Gucci band or a 1980’s punk rock with the leather band.”

He also uses the watch to encourage children in inner city neighborhoods and who participate in his after school programs to get involved in science, math, and technology.

“If I say, ‘hey we can do that?’ They say, ‘Ya right that’s a dream,’ ” said. “No look, I built it. Then that’s different. That’s like ‘oh wow maybe you’re right.’ ”

The $400 watch hasn’t hit the market yet. For more information, visit​