Four new Bosch dishwashers added to our list of top picks

Of the 51 dishwashers on Consumer Reports' top picks list, 34 are made by Bosch including four new models that we just added. In our dishwasher tests, all four earned excellent scores for washing and energy efficiency with cycles that are two hours long. And two of them offer a speedier cycle that gets the job done in less time using little water and energy.

The Bosch 800 Plus Series SHX7PT55UC, $1,300, and the Bosch 300 Series DLX SHX53TL5UC, $850, dishwashers feature a "Speed Perfect" cycle that Bosch claims washes the same full, soiled load of dishes you'd put through the normal cycle but up to 25 percent faster, saving 30 minutes. The pricier 800 Plus has other perks such as an adjustable third rack for utensils, hidden controls, a water softener, and cycle status that's projected on the floor. The 300 Series DLX SHX53TL5UC projects a red dot to tell you the machine is running.

Some of the other dishwashers in our tests offer an extra-quick cycle that runs as briefly as 20 to 30 minutes including the Thermador DWHD651JFP, at $2,200 one of the more expensive models in our Ratings. But cycles like that are intended for small, lightly soiled loads, not the typical post-dinner batch of dishes, glasses, utensils and pots for which you'd run a normal or Speed Perfect cycle.

The other newly recommended Bosch dishwashers include the Bosch 500 Series SHP65T55UC, $900, which has three racks, hidden controls, and a red dot to indicate operation, and the Bosch 800 Series SHE68T55UC, $950, which has a third rack and fully visible controls. While all four were excellent overall, the Bosch 300 Series DLX SHX53TL5UC was a bit noisier than its brand mates.

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