Best TV Brands

When it comes to brand performance—that is, how well on average each brand’s models perform in our Ratings—the results for plasma and LCD TVs are mixed.

A number of brands stand out as solid choices, based on our tests over the last few years, but we’d urge some caution with half a dozen makes that have had hits and misses in our Ratings. For all other brands in our Ratings that are not mentioned below, we haven't tested enough models to address brand performance.

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Rankings of LCD, LED, and Plasma TV Brands

LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony TVs have consistently been among the top performers in our Ratings over the last few years. Given that top-notch track record for those brands, we believe their TVs that are not in our Ratings are likely to do just as well. Also reassuring: The TV buyers we surveyed have reported a low rate of repairs for TVs from those brands.

Vizio and Sharp TVs have delivered generally strong performance that should satisfy all but the most demanding viewers. Their track record suggests that other models will follow suit. All of those brands have had a low rate of repairs, increasing the likelihood that you’ll take home a top-notch product.

Other brands have a less consistent track record in our Ratings. Some Insignia, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Magnavox, and Sanyo LCD TVs did quite well, but others had lower scores. We have less confidence that an untested model from one of those brands will offer performance comparable to its best tested siblings.

Next Steps

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