Audi Connect at CeBIT: Infotainment, MMI Touch in the Audi A3 Quattro

This is Audi's first CeBIT with an exhibition booth of its own, and the German automaker made quite a statement with all that dedicated space. Under a mirrored ceiling decked out with LEDs, visitors can fest their eyes on the Audi A7 Quattro and the A3 Quattro, the later of which was unveiled this week at the show.

Though the black and red exteriors, respectively, are none too shabby, it's unsurprisingly all about the interior at Audi's CeBIT display. And inside the brand-new A3 you'll find plenty of tech, from a touchpad situated front and center to a system for drawing letters with your finger to input destinations for the Google-powered navigation services. On the infotainment side, there's a generous suite of media and social-media apps: Facebook and Twitter are here, along with Music and Radio. Audi calls this in-car technology MMI Touch, and it comes to you via Nvidia Tegra power. The connectivity cherry on top? 4G/LTE. Take a look below.